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One of the simplest ways to use traffic to your website or blog is through what’s called SEO. In this article we are getting to show you 3 Simple recommendations on the way to Boost Your Website Traffic.

Over the last several years, program optimization, SEO, has become an enormous priority for marketers. This is because the upper a corporation can reach on search engines, the more traffic, more leads, more conversions, and more sales they’ll gain.

How can I use SEO to help with my firm, my business, online business, blog or your company website?

Below we are getting to offer you 3 simple things that you simply can do today to start out seeing increase in traffic to your online business.

If you apply these 3 simple tips correctly, you’ll start to ascertain results.

1. Utilizing Keywords

 If you’re unsure what a keyword is I will be able to explain it for you now.

When you type a phrase in Google such as: How To Build A Website or How To Do Keyword Research, that phrases are considered your keyword.

When you writing a blog or designing a web page for your website, you want to include the targeted keyword in your content.

Here are the places that you simply should put your targeted keyword:

Blog Title

Meta Title

Meta Description

1st Paragraph of Your Content

Keyword in your Social Meta Title

Keyword in your Social Meta Description

Keyword within first Paragraph

Keyword in Image Alt Tag

Keyword in Image Alt Title

Keywords are what are wont to tell Google what your site is about and that they show them that your pages are relevant when users look for that particular keyword

View an Example Of A Keyword Report

When started out in SEO you don’t want to try and rank for high competitive keywords. You want to rank for what’s called long-tail keywords.

Example: an extended tail keyword is some things like “the way to build an internet site For “Software Training Institute

You could have choose “How To Build A Website “as your keyword, but that is probably a very competitive keyword, instead you add a few more words to your keyword and this will lesson the competition. As you can see the extra words we added were “Software Training Institute.”

2. Quality Content

After adding your keywords the next thing you want to do is focus on your content.

Have you everyone heard about “Content Is King?”

When writing the content for your blog or website, you want to make sure that you are writing content for the reader and not for search engines. Many people attempt to outsmart Google and that they write content full of keywords and it’s not appealing to the reader.

If you would like Google to note your content then you would like to be noticed by those they are reading it. Google likes content that people like.

Search engines aren’t ready to read your content, but they will tell if those that are reading your content find it attractive and interesting. If Google see that people are enjoying your content and they are staying on your page for a long time, then Google says OK this page is worth recommending in our search engine.

Let’s put it this way. So that a visitor should stays on your website the long time. There is a something ways you can get people to stay on your page longer.

Write Quality Content That Is Worth Reading

Write An Article That Takes A While To Read

Add A Video On Your Page For People To Watch

Back Linking

3. Backlinks

If you are not familiar with backlinks, then I will explain it to you.

A back link is when someone else puts a link on their website to your website.

Example: So you’ve got an internet site about program Optimization and that i see a piece of writing that I prefer on your page. I can then put a link on my website which will link to your website and it’s going to look something like this.

Hey I found this really cool article on “the way to Optimize My Website for Search Engines” – Then once they click on the link it’ll take them to your website. In this example I even have put a link to a blog on my website, but i feel you get the image.

That is what you call a backlinks. The more back links you get to your website the better, because that tells Google that people are enjoying your content and that it is worth recommending.

One of the ways you’ll revisit lings to your website is by writing a blog for somebody else to place on their website. This is known as guest blogging. When you write the article for another website you can ask them if they don’t mind putting a link to your website along with your blog.

Not only does this establish good relationships with those that are in the same niche as you, but it is a great way to get more traffic to your website and get a new audience to your website.


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