About Us

360 Digital IT Hub, Pune is one of the fastest growing IT Company with strong focus on Digital Marketing, Web Development, Big data Analytics, Data Preparation, Data Discovery and High Availability of data, Cloud Computing, Machine Learning and AI, IoT, SQL, Web Services with the best possible solutions for the clients.

In this Economic world new product design & development process requires great deal of research & development efforts to deliver perfect solutions. Big Data is a big problem for all companies to manage and Hadoop is the solution for that problem, to use it for business growth and taking insights from the huge amount of data, we are making life simple with the help of Hadoop Ecosystem.

360 Digital IT Hub, Pune gives total solution in IT services to enterprises, Govt. & Non Govt. sectors, Educational or Universities, Automobile Companies, Retail, Banking & Financial Services (BFSI) & IGTB Services.

360 Digital team integrates with our client’s team globally thereby acting as virtual extensions to their existing operations. We follow project management principles with process automation and ensure quality delivery in all our engagements. We highly skilled, dedicated IT professionals, its subsidiaries, and Joint Ventures provide customized IT solutions for several industries using our range of technical expertise and knowledge .

360 Digital IT Hub, Pune management and research teams are giving their efforts 24X7, software and web Services professionals constantly deliver the products pertaining to the industry need, converging of all the new developmental aspects that are being introduced within the IT market.

We are dedicated to provide the best Digital Marketing and Web Development Services to small and medium business. We understand the uniqueness of your business needs.

* High Availability of Digital Marketing and Web Development Services.

* Support and customer Services 24×7.

* we do it with passion !